perception via mine eyes
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between here and there you'll see what i mean

someone told me earlier this month that soon enough I will feel like I’m suddenly “older” now that I’m 21. I didn’t believe him. I already felt my life changing. But one thing I have realized I can now say is “I wish I could be High School skinny again” and “I would do anything for carefree young love.” These things are superficial, I realize, and in the midst of all this I know that I have grown into a more mature and interesting character with the years. Here’s to more adventures, good and bad!


All the stories you write are just misinterpretations of the truth. We can all try our very best to depict someone or something as it is, or even as it was. An event or a location in a certain moment in time will never be properly described (even in a photograph). This is because we all have this horribly beautiful human curse called, perception.

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